If and only if, when and only when...

What should I send in?


Well, what can you do? 


Your application will be considered on three major levels, your skill, experience, and, well... you. 
Each of these is important, but none are replaceable. You don't have to use these three areas as an outline; but even if you feel like you might be lacking, be sure to include at least something in each area. 



This is just as straightforward as it seems. If you've spent years honing your craft, this is the time to show it. Examples are of first order importance when showing your skills. Demo reels for animators, full renders for modelers, demo tracks for musicians and sound designers, if you're good at what you do, show us here.

It's important to remember that your application isn't going to be boiled down to a final "score." You should show what you personally believe to be the most impressive parts of your skill set. If you can create low-poly models with incredible speed, but aren't very good at sculpting or rendering, include a large variety of low-poly models with their completion time. If you're a veteran of the viola, but only recently began learning music production and mixing, include a raw recording of a 6 minute solo piece. We're looking at your skills, not your presentation.



You've shown us how far you've come with your skills, now tell us how you got there! How long have you been learning? Where did you practice? Have you used these skills on previous projects?

Keep in mind, this isn't a job application. We aren't looking for a degree, the most prestigious institutions, or 3 years of industry experience. If you are 100% self taught in your free time we think that makes your skills more impressive, not unreliable. If you've been you've been following your passion since high school and you're just graduating from university you don't seem inexperienced to us, you seem dedicated. 



This is where you can gush a little bit about the things that inspire you. It might seem unprofessional on a normal application, but we want a SFX artist to say "Dude, have you heard the shotguns in the new DOOM? You can feel them in your BONES!," or an animator to reminisce about how "something just clicked the first time I hit heavy attack in Dark Souls."

The "Who Should Apply?" page talks about passion, initiative, enthusiasm, and curiosity. This is really where those things get to shine. We value personal projects, and endeavors that might seem mundane on the surface. If you think it has helped shape your craft, we'd love to hear about it. 


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