If and only if, when and only when...



Concept Artist
Team Leader


Jesse, or Cihyuu, is both Caimbria Team's leader and its concept artist.

Always having had a passion for world creation, the setting of Caimbria formed naturally after the conclusion of his previous project, Session. Realizing its potential as a game, he wrote the core design documents and founded Caimbria Team to bring the project to life.



Helen is a 3D animation student starting her career in the video game industry. She brings to Caimbria a background in dynamic character movement and combat techniques. Her goal is to create action-driven narratives combined with seamless gameplay.


Music Director

Jace is the Music Director and Composer for Caimbria.  Having studied both music technology and composition, he combines traditional orchestration with modern sound design and electronic music production in order to write and produce the game's soundtrack.  His main goal is to bring emotion and depth to the world and story of Caimbria through music.


Systems Designer

Kyper, or Daniel, is Caimbria Team's Systems Designer.

Kyper handles the technical parts of the Caimbria experience. He develops the back-end and game mechanics to help create the unique feeling of Caimbria. His focus is creating an environment in which the image of Caimbria can be fully realized and portrayed.


Software Engineer

Shawn is a Software Engineer utilizing Blueprints to create gameplay and other features within Caimbria. Using his knowledge of Unreal Engine to help to bring the game of Caimbria to life, Shawn is dedicated to making Caimbria fun.



Caimbria Team is recruiting! We are looking for passionate people in a variety of areas. Check the Opportunities page for details.