If and only if, when and only when...

Systems Designer


Do you feel at home under the hood of interactions?

If you delight in elegant solutions to complex problems, appreciate a fast load time just as much as what it loads, and love nothing more than a solid 60 FPS, there's a place for you on Caimbria Team.

Caimbria isn't a large game, but it is a dense one. Compact levels, complicated bosses, and unique mechanics require as much science as they do art. The scope of the project means that the systems designer won't just be finding a solution, they will be making the best one.



  • Proficiency with C#, and its usage in Unity.
  • Familiarity with Unity, its structure, and features.


  • Working collaboratively with other tech team members to write and manage Caimbria’s basic mechanical features (inputs, camera behavior, collision, etc.)
  • Creating and managing the architecture around which features and systems unique to Caimbria are integrated.
  • Bringing raw assets produced by other team members together within the game engine.


Caimbria is a passion project.

If you already love giving your all to what you do and promise to give us a significant amount of your time, Caimbria Team promises to give back the consistent support and structure to allow your efforts to become something greater as a part of a dedicated team.

However, this structure only works when each team member can rely on the other’s efforts. In order to ensure consistent progress, we recommend being able to dedicate at least 8-10 hours to the project per week.