If and only if, when and only when...

Sound designer


We know a game is brought to life equally in its sights and sounds.

Good sound design, alongside solid animation, is what erases the barrier between a input and immersion. Caimbria's compact levels are a playground for audio effects. Additionally, 3D ambiance provides an opportunity to craft detailed soundscapes.

If your kind of experience is one that you hear just as much as you feel, there's a place for you on Caimbria team. 

Note: If you can fill this position your skill set may also cover many duties of the SFX/Foley Artist. If so, be sure to include this in your application!


  • Knowledge of or willingness to learn the details of sound design in Unity.
  • Access to and mastery of the audio software of your choosing (able to export to standard formats).
  • An understanding of the influence of sound design on gameplay and user experience through ambiance, audio cues, etc.


  • Designing the Caimbria soundscape including 3D ambiance, area based effects and distortion, etc., and consulting with the team lead and designers on it’s implementation.

  • Linking SFX to in game events and actions, working closely with the animator.

  • Managing the audio mix and balancing of Caimbria (dialogue/music/ effects/etc.)  

Sample set

In addition to the standard information, we ask that audio team members also submit a special sample set of their work. This sample set should contain work that both showcases your skills and is relevant to the needs of the project. For more information about what should be contained in your sample set please visit the “Sample Set Guidelines” page.