If and only if, when and only when...

Sample Set Guidelines


We realize that there is significant overlap in the sound designer and SFX/Foley roles. Feel free to apply for both, or parts of each role as warranted by your skillset. However, if you do mix engineered/raw sound or original/non-original recordings, we ask that you specify how each sound was made.   

None of the things listed below are individually necessary for a sample set. These are cues and suggestions to give you a feel for the kind of audio the project will need. Choose or create works for your sample set that display your skillset while using this as a guideline, not a checklist.


Caimbria’s audio tells the player just as much as it’s visuals. If you like creating complete environments with audio, show us with soundscapes.


Keep in mind, if you submit a soundscape as a sound designer (i.e., you did not record it, and the recording itself is not an example of your work) it must be a constructed soundscape. Sound elements should be assembled by hand, not originally recorded together.


  • Natural soundscapes
    Caimbria takes place predominantly in lush deciduous forests. Forests are very aurally dense environments, with soughing of trees, running water, animal noise, and more.


  • Destroyed soundscapes
    Wind whistling through windows, creaking supports, shifting rubble, etc.


  • Big soundscapes
    The in-game environment of Caimbria has to feel much larger than its levels actually are. Soundscapes will need to give a sense of depth and scale. Even if they aren’t thematically appropriate, we’ll give full consideration to sound samples designed specifically to give a sense of scale.


Effects and foley

Bassy, visceral, metal. Caimbria doesn’t have “click” it has “ka-chunk.”

Caimbria’s audio contributes to the weight and presence of the player just as much as it’s animation. Recoil is just as much about the sound as it is the actual aim adjustment. The sounds of handling and firing a weapon should let the player practically feel the mechanisms operating in their hands. Below is a list of some of the individual sounds and effects Caimbria will need.


Artillery fire

Heavy machinegun fire

High-caliber revolver fire

Precision longrifle fire

Preternatural* weapon fire

Bullet impacts for any of the above


Melee impact, combat knife/bayonet

Melee impact, gun bash

Melee impact, heavy/improvised weapon


Reloading, heavy mechanism (AA gun, artillery, tank.)

Reloading, handgun

Reloading, rifle


Thrown character impact (with wall, floor, etc.,) light equipment

Thrown character impact, heavy equipment

Thrown character impact, heavy armor


*Some weapons in Caimbria seem almost supernatural. You can try making a sound that reflects the unnerving, off-putting nature of these weapons/bosses.




Walking, character noise, various equipment levels

Walking, environment noise, various surfaces (leaves, gravel, mud, concrete, etc.)

Sliding, various surfaces


Adjusting equipment, snap-buttons, zippers, etc.

Shifting in equipment, cloth/leather noises

De-equipping, removing weapons/armor