If and only if, when and only when...



"Compose armatures that set art in motion."

Invisible to the player, hidden away at the core of geometry, and practically sublimated into equations in the final product, skeletons and the rigs that drive them are no less vital for their obfuscation. Caimbria Team recognizes rigging’s impact and importance as a bridge between cold geometry and the life giving touch of animation. If you love nothing more than composing armatures that set art in motion, we want you to bring that love to Caimbria Team.

Caimbria is a brief, dense, replayable experience that favors depth over volume; nowhere is this more visible than in the physical repertoire of its inhabitants. With a small number of unique characters, your time with Caimbria will be spent refining and realizing rigs that actuate its distinctive cast.


  • A developed workflow in your standard program of choice (e.g., Maya, Blender.)
  • The ability to create skeletons and rigs with logical consistent control structure and full range of motion.
  • The ability to paint weights for characters and outfits with mixed organic and hard surface areas.
  • Experience with FK/IK switching.
  • An understanding of animation and modeling workflows.


  • Creating skeletons and rigs to bring the art team’s static geometry to an animation-ready state.

  • Working with tech team members to help inform the creation of secondary motion systems for characters (clothes, weapons, hair) and environments (trees, vines, etc.)

  • Working alongside art and animation team members to create and refine rig related pipelines.


Examples can include images of demonstratively articulated/posed rigs, demo reels of your work in motion, or even the project files themselves.

Demonstrating versatility in rigging for creatures, mechanical constructs, secondary motion (facial, clothing, tails, etc.) or other uniquely challenging subjects will be considered a large bonus. 

Rigging is the only skill required for this position, but not the only one that’s recognized. Other experience or skills that fall under the technical artist “umbrella” including modeling, texturing, and animation, are highly valued and should be included with you submission.


Caimbria is a passion project.

If you already love giving your all to what you do and promise to give us a significant amount of your time, Caimbria Team promises to give back the consistent support and structure to allow your efforts to become something greater as a part of a dedicated team.

However, this structure only works when each team member can rely on the other’s efforts. In order to ensure consistent progress, we recommend being able to dedicate at least 6-8 hours to the project per week.