If and only if, when and only when...

SFX/Foley artist


Crisper, clearer, perfect.

The world of Caimbria requires a broad palette of audio. From gently running streams to 155mm artillery shell impacts, every clip is important. The SFX/Foley Artist creates and collects the audio to be modified and implemented into the final game. Expect to work closely with the sound designer and animator to bring specific in game events to life.      


  • Equipment and software capable of capturing high quality audio, and exporting in high fidelity formats (WAV, FLAC, etc.)   
  • Basic Audio management skills (e.g., pass filters, peak management.)


  • Recording, creating, and/or sourcing audio files for in engine use. 

Sample set

In addition to the standard information, we ask that audio team members also submit a special sample set of their work. This sample set should contain work that both showcases your skills and is relevant to the needs of the project. For more information about what should be contained in your sample set please visit the “Sample Set Guidelines” page.