If and only if, when and only when...

Help wanted!

We want you! Caimbria Team is searching for people with a passion for the art of making games. If you have enthusiasm and interest but aren't sure about your skills, take a look at the "Who should apply?" page. We're Caimbria Team not  Studio Caimbria, and we're looking for team members, not employees.

Interested in contributing to the development of Caimbria, but don't have enough time to be a full team member? Take a look at the Consultants section of the membership policies.



Systems Designer

The systems designer creates some of the most fundamental parts of any game. Use your knowledge to help write the foundation of Caimbria.



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Environment Artist

The environment artist immerses the player by quite literally creating the world around them. From geometry to global lighting, the atmosphere, ambiance, and mood of Caimbria is your charge. 

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Character Artist 

From high poly to engine ready, the character artist has the important job of crafting the inhabitants of Caimbria's world.

3D Generalist/Other Art

If you're interested in working on the project's art but your skills don't quite fit in any of the specialized positions we have listed, we'd still love to hear from you!



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Sound Designer

Not everyone may realize it, but Caimbria Team knows that soundscape is just as important as landscape. 

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SFX/Foley Artist

Use your equipment and expertise to give Caimbira that all important satisfying thunk, thwip, thud, and boom. 

Musician prof.png


Electronic or hand strummed, ambient or epic, rare is the game that can be complete without music.