If and only if, when and only when...



Give Caimbria the feeling only music can.

Few things connect as quickly, or as deeply, as music. Caimbria Team knows how music can make the mundane magnificent, and the interesting unforgettable.

Caimbria does not have standard "stage" music. This means that, already being a short game, it has very few tracks. Limited mostly to boss, and menu themes, you will be given ample time through development to craft select pieces of music to their fullest potential.

Note: Caimbria does not have a single established musical style. If you have a vision for a piece that you think would fit Caimbria, send in a demo or get in contact with the team lead to discuss it!    


  • Working with the music director to fit your work into the soundtrack of Caimbria.
  • Creating ambient "accents" and stingers for use in game.