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Becoming a team member


What exactly is it like to be a part of Caimbria Team?

Being a member of Caimbria Team is a wonderful opportunity to work with passionate like minded people, but it's also a responsibility. To ensure a pleasant and productive environment we operate under a small number of policies and agreements.  

Below is a copy of the document you will be asked to sign before formally becoming a team member, and the membership policies. 


Caimbria Team Responsibilities


1. By becoming a member of Caimbria Team you agree to fulfill duties agreed upon in meetings or commitments made to other team members to the best of your ability.


You acknowledge that you are assuming a role as an important part of a team and that others depend on your work. In turn, Caimbria Team agrees to be understanding of your own obligations as a student, employee, freelance worker, etc., and work around exams, deadlines, contracts, or other events that may require your time.


2. You agree to be understanding of the complications, delays, and difficulties of other team members.


Should you find the actions of another team member consistently dissatisfactory you are expected to:

  1. help them understand and overcome the issue at hand,

  2. personally address them in a civil manner, or

  3. formally lodge a complaint with the team leader.

Aggression towards/harassment of another team member is grounds for permanent removal from Caimbria Team.


3. You agree to refrain from publicly discussing, disclosing, or displaying certain project materials.


If you receive materials that are to remain exclusively within the team it will be made clear to you. Team members are generally encouraged to share their work to publicise the project, and minor slip ups are understandable. However, repeated or intentional violations will not be tolerated.



I,___________________________________ am a part of Caimbria Team!

Membership Policies 

"Caimbria Team is not a game studio, and team members are not employees. However, we do try to get things done in a consistent and efficient manner. In order to ensure that progress is made and each team member’s efforts are adequately supported by the rest of the team, we operate under these policies."