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Membership policies




“Preamble from Cihyuu:

Caimbria Team is not a game studio, and team members are not employees. However, we do try to get things done in a consistent and efficient manner. In order to ensure that progress is made and each team member’s efforts are adequately supported by the rest of the team, we operate under these policies.


They’re pretty lenient, and aren’t supposed to be threatening in any way. Really it’s just here to avoid the “high school group project” effect where only a few people end up doing the work. Also, nobody likes “firing” people, and should I need to remove someone from the team I want it to be clear that they were given due process. Also it gives team members the security to know that, except in the event of some radical violations, they won’t be cut from the team without notice.

Not that I’d do that, but it never hurts to have rules saying I definitely won’t do that.


It also serves the double purpose of making sure that the team doesn’t become bloated, and that everyone knows what they’re doing and how it contributes, which is nice. If you’re a proper team member, you should read the whole thing.”



Section I - large scale interruptions.

Clarification: This section deals with a team member not completing work they have agreed to do. It is important to note that work “assignments” are given after careful discussion of what the given team member believes they can achieve. And, under no circumstances should a team member be given more work than they think they can complete.


If you are unable to produce acceptable work or show progress/effort in three successive meetings or a period greater than two months without volunteering any explanation for the interruption in your work you will be formally asked for an explanation. This explanation should include both the reason for the interruption in your efforts and whether or not the interruption is likely to happen again.


If an explanation is not provided, or the explanation is deemed invalid (at the discretion of the team leader,) you may be removed from Caimbria Team (see Section II) or be asked to become a consultant team member (Sec. I.A,) as warranted by context.


Sec. I.A - repeated lsi & consultants

If there are repeated significant interruptions to your work or ability to contribute, even with appropriate explanations, you may be asked to become a consultant team member. Consultants are people with valuable skillsets and a passion for the project, but not the time to fill a full team member’s role.
Consultants are not subject to the Sec.I LSI policies. However, they are given access to project files and invited to meetings and are subsequently required to sign, and subject to, the Caimbria Team Responsibilities.


As a team member you are encouraged to seek out and suggest possible consultant team members. However, you can not make someone a consultant team member without the approval of the team lead.


Please note that if you are utilizing the work of/collaborating with a consultant team member independently you are required to give credit to their contribution when presenting to the team. If you are a consultant and feel that your work is being used without recognition please contact the team leader immediately.




Section II - unresponsiveness


If you fail to respond to all attempts to communicate (i.e. complete unresponsiveness) for extended periods of time Caimbria Team will take certain actions. These actions and their timeframes are detailed below.


1 Month: Your sections of the project will be frozen. Dependent team members will be redirected to other areas of the project.


2 Months: Your access to project files will be removed, you will be delisted from the team roster, your position will be relisted on the “Help Wanted” page, and the team will start interviewing possible replacements.


3 Months: You will be officially removed from Caimbria Team, a position opening notice will be posted, and, if a new candidate is ready they will be officially instated as a team member.



Section III - radical violations


In the event of severe infractions (e.g., threats against a team member, intentional sabotage of the project, significant and provable plagiarism, etc.,) a team member may be immediately, permanently, and entirely removed at the discretion of the team leader. In the unfortunate event that a team member is removed in this way, you reserve the right to request a full write up of the infraction itself, the reasoning of the team leader, and evidence used in decision making, even if you are the removed team member.