If and only if, when and only when...

environment artist


Make Caimbria not just a game you can play, but a place you can go.

Immersion, ambiance, atmosphere. A good game isn't just an experience while you're there, it's a feeling that sticks with you.  Pressing play isn't simply launching the program, it's traveling back to a world wholly separate from your own. If you love the pockets of reality created by games, we want you to bring that love to Caimbria.

Caimbria has only five stages, but each is unique and densely detailed. With the help of the rest of the art team, your task as the environment artist will be to hand craft these few unique locations over the course of development.


  • Basic knowledge of the full process of 3D asset creation

  • A developed workflow in standard 3D software (e.g., 3DSM, Maya, Zbrush, Blender, 3D Coat, etc.)

  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of in engine rendering processes (e.g., normal/bump mapping, light baking, etc.)
  • Proficiency in the full process of texturing 3D assets.


  • Working closely with the team lead to create stage prototypes from design documents.

  • Creating high quality engine-ready assets from concept art.

  • Assembling assets over stage prototypes to construct detailed environments.  

  • Setting up in-engine environment lighting.

  • Working with the tech and art teams in the creation of tools and pipelines which allow for greater efficiency and fidelity in the process of creating Caimbria’s environments.


Caimbria is a passion project.

If you already love giving your all to what you do and promise to give us a significant amount of your time, Caimbria Team promises to give back the consistent support and structure to allow your efforts to become something greater as a part of a dedicated team.

However, this structure only works when each team member can rely on the other’s efforts. In order to ensure consistent progress, we recommend being able to dedicate at least 6-8 hours to the project per week.