If and only if, when and only when...



Do you have an eye for the way things move?

Do you pick out the subtle but powerful effect of a run cycle's momentum, a sword swing's weight, or the recoil of a well placed shot? Any animator knows that a satisfying attack or dodge is much more than its numbers. Animation is a keystone of any game experience, and character motion is front and center in Caimbria.

The quality and complexity of Caimbria's animation systems always takes precedence. Caimbria's small number of friendly and hostile characters means that every movement is important.  Most of your time as the animator will be spent honing and perfecting the motions that give Caimbria's characters life and personality.


  • An understanding of realistic motion and its distortion in expressive animation.

  • Familiarity with the details of animation in the Unity engine.

  • A developed workflow in your chosen program, capable of exporting to Unity. (e.g., 3DSM, Maya, Blender, etc.)

  • Additional 3D skill sets including rigging, skinning, and modeling, are highly valued but not required.


  • Creating animations for player characters, enemies, and environmental events.

  • Working closely with the systems designer to develop dynamic animation systems.

  • Working with artists and sound designers to realize the creative vision behind characters and environments through movement.